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It’s possible to dive the U BOOT to a depth of 100 (110 would be ideal, in order to visit the control tower), it starts from 90 till 118 mt. It was a submarine sank in 1944 nearby Camogli. The wreck is sticking up from the sea bottom on a 45 degrees angle.

I am 100% sure that you are a wise instructor and you fully understand that to dive the submarine divers must be prepared and experienced to face it without risks.

As by our company policy we do not guide anyone at those depths (in terms of taking the responsibility of the divers during the actual dive) but we do provide the full logistics support, gasses, equipment and myself who I can just come along and be your navigator or buddy (obviously if you are happy with it) and we will provide a safety diver at 50/55 mt along your way up, in fact even though I am sure you are experienced divers it is very wise having an extra margin of safety like that.