Technical diving takes divers beyond the limits of recreational diving.

It is distinguished and includes, in addition, one or more of the following characteristics: dive to over 40 meters deep, respect mandatory decompression stop, manage decompression expedited and/or use of gas mixtures.
All courses can be done either on side or back mount configurations as by the student willing. If you are unexperienced about a side mount configuration, we strongly recommend to purchase a Open Water Side Mount Course or at least a Tech Day before you start a tech course with such equipment to fully enjoy the benefits of it during and after the tech courses.
Maximal ratio during all tech courses are 2 students to 1 instructor (2:1)


Discover Tec Intro to Tech OceanReef Tech
Tec 40 Nitrox OceanReef Tech multistage
Tec 45 Advanced Nitrox
Tec 50 Helitrox
Tec Trimix 65 Trimix
Tec Trimix Advanced Trimix
Tec Gas Blender  Deco Procedures
Tec Sidemount Extended Range
SUEX Advanced Diver Vehicle Advanced Wreck
Cave Surveying
Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)
Stage Cave
Cave Dpv
Nitrox Blender
Advanced Blender
O2 Service Tech
Intro To Cave
Full Cave