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You descend in front of a wall where there is marble plaque fixed to the outer rock.  The plaque is in memory of Dario Gonzatti, who together with Egidio Cressi and Duilio Marcante created and tested the first prototypes of ‘Self-Contained Oxygen Breathing Apparatus’ (ARO) in these waters. Dario lost his life and ‘The Christ of the Abyss’ was commissioned in his honour.
Descending to 10 Mt, you head towards the west, reaching a depth of 20 Mt.
Among the various boulders, you will see a myriad of different marine species.
Moray eels and octopus hide among the creeks. Groupers swim slowly around you and if you look out to the blue, you will see shoals of snapper.
A short distance later, you will reach the famous Secca Carega and explore its entire perimeter before returning.