Open Water Diver courses

Here’s your first real certification after having heard so much about scuba divers… The course will be developed in a minimum of 3 days with a simple but interesting theory part and then a lot of water. Initially you will dive in the confined water area of our natural sea-water pool, followed by open water sessions from the shore and finally you will experience a proper dive in the beautiful Portofino Marine park supervised by your instructor.
Our philosophy is to build from the very beginning good quality and independent divers, by doing so we keep our classes small to ensure every student has our full attention at all times. We believe in producing quality divers rather than quantity.

The Open Water Diver course consists of 3 main steps:

Knowledge Development to understand the basic principles of scuba diving, law limitations, documentation and dive logging, physics and physiology related to your body when you are underwater.
Confined Water Dives to learn basic skills such as good buoyancy control, efficient propulsion techniques and also safety procedures and emergency protocols of scuba diving.
Open Water Dives Putting your new knowledge and theory into practice and fine tune the skills learnt from your confined water dives. Learning the importance of staying within a team or buddy pair, using communication methods and of course having fun whilst you explore and respect the submerged world!
You will also learn:
– Dive equipment usage and considerations
– How to safely plan and execute dives
– How to prevent and manage problems
Throughout the duration of the course the student will be covered by the DAN Health Insurance.

The course takes a minimum of 3 full, intensive days which will take place entirely at our facility.
The program also requires independent study of the manual which will be sent or shipped in advance allowing the student ample time for prior study in preparation for the course.
You will spend part of each day in the classroom to verify your theoretical knowledge. You will then be given your own equipment to use for the duration of the course and under the guidance of your instructor you will learn and practice assembling and disassembling your scuba unit to familiarise yourself with all its features.
You will spend quite a few hours each day in the water, firstly in a confined shallow section of our sea pool and then on to open water. As you progress you will feel your confidence grow together with your skills where you will apply everything you have learnt and practice different entry-exit techniques dependant on the environment.
The course can be developed with a conventional mask or with an integrated Ocean Reef mask.

To enroll in a Open Water Diver course (or Junior Open Water Diver course), you must be 10 years old or older.
You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical and mental health.
No prior experience with scuba diving is required.

Now that you have trained for your first certification and seen what the big blue has to offer, you may wish to explore and further your experience by continuing to dive with us!
New adventures await so why not take a look at our Diver Specialty courses available to broaden your knowledge and interests or perhaps you are ready for the next level of training with our Advanced Open Water certification which allows you to obtain more in depth training and more dives under the expert guidance of one of our Instructors.

In the Open Water Diver course, you learn the usage and good maintenance of basic diving equipment, including a dive computer, and standard accessories. All required equipment is included in the price. You will be equipped with: