This is the very first underwater certification, with which you can dive safely all around the world! Our philosophy is to create good quality divers since the beginning by teaching to small groups.

Minimum age required 15 or 10 for Junior OWD.
be able to swim without floating devices.
To be in good physical health.
No prior experience with scuba diving is required.

Minimum 3 days

Minimum 3 days of classroom
Multiple shore dives
Minimum 1 boat dive in the Portofino Marine Park

The Open Water course is divided into 3 main sessions:
– Knowledge development
– Confined water dives
– Open water dives

During the theory sessions your instructor will explain you the fundamental considerations of physiology, physics, environment and planning related to scuba diving. A written final exam will conclude the theory training.

During the confined water dives you will learn the usage of the equipment, basic skills such as moving in the water element, buoyancy control and safety protocols.

In open water dives, you will refine the same listed above applying them in the water space and developing the ability to stay in a small team of divers. Finally, you will know the rudiments of underwater navigation.

The last day of the course will be a simple review of all the skills learned during the course, then you will dive in the wandeful ​​Portofino Marine Park by boat under the supervision of your instructor.

NOTE: Throughout the duration of the course the student will be covered by the DAN Health Insurance.

The required equipment is included in the price, which is:

  • Scuba tank
  • Buoyancy compensator (BCD)
  • Regulators
  • Wet suit
  • Fins & mask
  • Weights
  • Compass
  • Bottom timer device + dive planning tables or dive computer



Once you have completed your course, you will feel more comfortable and safe, new adventures await!  so why not take a look at our Diver Specialty courses available to broaden your knowledge and interests or, perhaps you feel ready for the next level, book your Advanced Open Water course. This is the ultimate way to improve your skills and keep diving under the supervision of your instructor.

After the course you can purchase a 5 dive package, which will include the free equipment rent, which normally is 30€ per day.