Diving with an IDM is not complicated, but small operating errors can make a difference on comfort or potential that this product can express. The OCEANREEF masks are safe and comfortable: do not fog, not flooded, do not have dead space where you can accumulate CO2, offer a wide field of vision and the ability to breathe through the nostrils without using a snorkel, offer greater thermal protection and do not allow the dispenser accidental loss. Besides they offer the opportunity to speak with the use of communicators.

To become OCEANREEF instructors not only give you a thorough preparation and knowledge on the use of masks and communicators to teach specialty courses, but also will be essential to understand how to exploit the possibility of using the receivers for your students during the training: provide immediate feedback while performing a skill to his students makes an instructor simply more effective and save a tremendous amount of time during the briefing, or rise to the surface to correct students during the most complex water sessions. The most difficult skills can now be refined in real time!!!

The Instructor Training Center corresponds to the highest level of training available to learn about OCEANREEF masks and communicators; the ITC location of Italy is Il Grande Blu a Santa Margherita Ligure. Each ITC in the world has an affiliate trainer and in this case will be our TDC Luca Zanotto.
The ITC through a FSC are authorized to certify new instructors or instructor trainers of all educational agencies that can recognize the full face specialties and / or underwater communications or their mere use in their training programs.

At the end of the course you will receive a valid diploma to get the credentials of Specialty instructor of your own agency and an “online instructor package”, you need to be able to teach your own students.
If you possessed the title of instructor trainer, the diploma will allow you to train at your time FULL FACE & UNDERWATER COMMUNICATIONS instructors.
It also will be given vouchers of € 100 applies to purchase other products. The methods of use of such vouchers are specified on the same vouchers.

– Prerequisite of the course is to be instructors or instructor trainer.
– Prerequisites to get the credentials of specialty instructor depend on their training agency.
– Prerequisite to buy instructor kit is to be instructors in the active state, and to have at least 25 students certificate.

The program carried out during the course will include two very intense days with skills circuits, presentations, workshops, highly detailed in water sessions to finish with a final evaluation.
The first day is dedicated to learning the setting, adjustment, customization, assembly and use in all situations (emergency protocols and bail out).
The second day is dedicated to acquisitions of the same concepts through repetition and some practical and written exams.

Before the beginning of the course, at the time of your confirmation, you will receive all the necessary material for the course.

The Instructor Kit includes:
– 1 GSM GDIVERS (united Transmitting)
– 1 M101A (receiver)
– 1 SURFACE VALVE (only when combined with FSC course)
– 1 ACOUSTIC DAMPER (only when combined with FSC course)

See “Price Lists” session for actual price.

It is possible to purchase it with 10 monthly payment at zero interest, and it’s made available to all instructors. To access simply go in http://oceanreefgroup.com/training.html session, press the top right button and insert the special instructor kits psw 56453239. Follow the instructions until confirming. The instructor kit can be sent to destination or retractable in-house.
The material, if paid in advance, can be withdrawn directly to ITC at the time of the course (in fact can use his equipment or that of ITC) or can be shipped to your door at your expense.

The program is NOT different depending on the specific training agency of the candidate (PADI, SSI, etc).

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