Il Grande Blu works together with OCEAN REEF INC., in fact it was the first International Instructor Training Centre created by the company in the world.
There are many benefits when diving with an Integrated Diving Mask! Warmth, wider vision than any other mask in the world-market, no leaks, no jaw fatigue, nose breathing, no accidental regulator loss, reduced gas consumption and finally possibility to communicate by speaking.

Minimum age required 15.
To be PADI Open Water Diver certified or higher.

Minimum 2 days

2 Shore dives
1 Boat dive

During a classoroom session and an interesting equipment workshop you will learn how to handle it, the best way to set it up for your own face and how to assemble it with the rest of your breathing system.
You will also see the benefits of all the other features and accessories which can be integrated to this mask.
While you dive in the confined water your instructor will show you how to use it correctly in order to reduce breathing efford, how to equalize your ears and how to bail out to a alternate air source.
After diving you will learn its ordinary maintenance.

As an option, you might want to include in the course the usage of OCEAN REEF underwater communication systems for no extra cost.

Basic scuba equipment:

  • Scuba tank
  • Buoyancy compensator (BCD)
  • Regulators
  • Wet or dry suit
  • Integrated Diving Mask
  • Fins & conventional mask
  • Weights
  • Surface marker buoy
  • Bottom timer device + dive planning tables or dive computer 

Tanks and weights are included in the price, all the rest of the equipment can be rent at the dive center with a 30% off.

If you are willing to improve your skills, knowledge and experience or you want to go beyond the recreational dives, take a look at our specialty courses or our technical courses.