Are you that kind of person who want to go over the basic knowledge, information and skills of recreational scuba diving? Do you really want to live the ocean and everything is below its surface? We have designed a program which might suits you, an INTERNSHIP. An intense journey living a dive operation that believe in high quality, professionalism and passion.
What we want you to achieve is developing a program that will give you all solid bases of recreational diving.
Knowledge, skills, self-sufficiency, buoyancy control but also physical-menteal health and consciousness are fundamental elements we will take care of.
Only when you will be ready you will step towards professional diving with your dive master course.
You will safely practice a condition of stress and pressure in order to train your real abilities of analysis, troubleshooting and problem solving.
You will end being perfectly comfortable as a diver and will be ready to lead other divers.
During the course the goal will be (safely under your instructor’s supervision) to get you on a high level of concentration but under mental and physical pressure, so that it will feed the most important thing of being underwater: to be in control.

The minimum required time is 4 months


We include 5 boat dives and 20 land dives free of charge, which will become very important to keep up your log book and will give you the time to feed your experience and consolidate the vast amount of new informations that you have just learned.
It will be for you fundamental to integrate the minimum required number dives (or better more) in order to get the right experience during the scuba activity and most important to sharp your skills creating the correct base.
By having the full equipment rent included you can save a serious expense: imagine how much would be to purchase your own equipment or rent it every day. We can provide high quality rental equipment and the appropriate warmth protection and all the gear you need regularly serviced.


  • Lunch
  • IGB Jacket
  • IGB Jumper
  • IGB T-Shirt
  • IGB Logbook
  • Unlimited boat mooring class
  • Unlimited shore dives
  • Sidemount, DPV and Ocean Reef Full Face Mask Discover
  • 25% off on other courses
  • 50% off on rental equipment
  • Free personal equipment storage for the whole intership
  • On availability free usage of:
    • relax area
    • kayak
    • car park