We refill:
o superfiltered air, trimix, triox, helitrox, nitrox mixes. o boostered oxygen or pure gasses up to 220 bars.
As a Side-mount, Back-mount, CCR friendly facility, we have available:
o back or sidemount configurations o single or twin sets o steel or aluminum o single or dual valves o steel tanks available (single or twinsets): 1 lt, 3 lt, 7 lt, 8.5 lt, 10 lt, 12 lt, 15 lt, 18 lt o aluminium tanks available (singles):5.7 lt, 7 lt, 11.1 lt
...all meant to cover different needs.


Two Private Boats accessible by a private dock with a jetty for direct boarding:
o Fast Inflatable Boat

o The Belafonte – A closed 12 mt boat ideal for tech diving and full-day trips. Equipped with a galley, large sun-deck, head and ample storage for gear. The large deck is perfect for technical diving and full day trips.

We are located really close to the diving area, divers will access all of Portofino Marine Park in few minutes.

Pick up
We also provide service diving by car. Our pick up is ideal and designed for scuba diving equipment safe transportation. That give us the flexibility to have always a near by entry-exit option in case of bad weather, if number of divers do not make affordable a long transfer by boat or simply to explore areas not accessible by boat. Contact us for a customized quotation.

Shuttle Service
By car is available from Monday to Friday around Santa Margherita, Portofino, Rapallo or from/to Genoa airport
By boat is available from Monday to Friday around Portofino, Santa Margherita or Rapallo.
The service by boat includes daily equipment preparation, fresh water treatment and storage.
To know more about Pick Up prices , click HERE.


SHORE DIVES: underwater playground with webcam, underwater communication devices from surface, ideal for overhead environment & confined water training
EXCELLENT CLASSROOM with air conditioning, flat tv screen and internet connection
SWIMMING POOL: ideal for bad weather days, and for confined water sessions

Where to park your car: you may reserve your car park via email to us in advance. The parking lot in front of the club is private, if you wish you can use that service for 5,00 € (half day) or € 10.00 (full day). This price is reserved only for Il Grande Blu guests). Price do not include Friday and Saturday night time (after 18:00). It is free of charge from November till April. Franco will give you directions and if he is not there, I recommend to leave the car keys to the person at reception and not occupy too much room in order to make the most of the available space for other cars. If you arrive early in the morning you can find the spot or into public car park (max allowable 4hrs) on the road just next by the private one. Also, there is another one facing the Sea just below the public one which closes at 18:00 (you will see a short downhill dirt road that takes you by the sea). Not as least along the road to Portofino, within the white margins on the side, just in front of the Dive Center there are another few ones but we recommend not to close the entry to private houses.
Pick up or shuttle service By car is available from Monday to Friday for 10 € each way around Santa Margherita, Portofino, Rapallo or € 50 each transfer from/to Genoa airport (max 4 pax per trip) By boat is available from Monday to Friday for 25 € return way around Portofino or for € 50 around Santa Margherita or Rapallo. The service include daily equipment preparation, fresh water treatment and storage.
Where to enter: Beside Covo di Nord Est (Western side), you will see a black gate with some large diving flags. This is the entrance to Il Grande Blu. Come in, turn right, and walk down the stairs until you reach the large wooden deck over the sea – we will be waiting for you there! As soon as you arrive, please leave your bags and equipment on THE BIG WOODEN SHELVES, which you will see on your left hand. Once you drop your gear, you may continue on along the deck and up the left stairs to the reception where you can check in for your dives with the person at the front desk.
Before diving: If you are joining us from another country with a time difference, please ensure you have the local time on your watch in order to be AT LEAST 45 minutes earlier than departure time or better 1 hour earlier to enjoy the fantastic panorama offered by this place. After you have checked in you will see the safety lockers for your personal small items and the rest room is at the reception level. There are changing rooms on the reception level and the lower level. Feel welcome to leave your personal clothes, or small bags/back-packs but please to not leave your values, big diving bags or crates in them. Il Grande Blu is not responsible for any or loss or damage to or your personal items so please ask to our staff where you should store them if you are not sure. Use the big wooden shelves to store temporarily your bags or crates after you took their inside contents, while you are involved in the dive. If you wish to modify your configuration prior diving you are welcome to use our laboratory and our tools. We recommend you to do it quite in advance the departure or the day before it and to be entirely sure you have tried such a configuration/equipment in confined shallow waters before you dive in deeper or larger waters. This jobs should never be rushed.
Rental gear (including weights) are available at the dive center. Best idea is to make a reservation Contact us with the sizes you need to ensure availability. It is a good idea to arrive plenty of time before the departure in order not to rush your equipment preparation. If you have rented our equipment you can return it to our crew members who will flag its restitution. Please note that Il Grande Blu considers you being responsible for the care of all of you rented until you return it to us, and full value charges might be occurred for loss or damage.
Boat dives: PLEASE for safety & insurance reasons do not help our staff with loading or unloading tanks unless they are your own ones. Full cylinders will be available ready to be assembled 45 min before the boat departs. Once assembled, (cylinder, bcd, regulators) please test completely your equipment. Il Grande Blu is not responsible for injuries due to dive equipment. Prepare your mask, fins, weights and accessories and keep them with you, then carry them with you on the boarding proceeder. To allow other boats or other divers landing, please do not leave equipment or objects on the dock to avoid confusion between the different boarding. Be fully ready the boat at least 10 min. before departure with your wet/dry suit half way on your body in order not to get too hot. If you are going to board on our inflatable boat (Gundun) cylinders will be ready on the jetty, if on the big boat (La Belafonte) they will be already on board. Either options, please do not move load or download the cylinders from where you found them and secure them so that do not fall down. Feel free to ask whatever you need or any doubt to our crew, they will kindly help you with anything! Please be responsible for all you need for your daily activity. Your captain will do a roll call before departure, so make sure your name is on the list. He also will brief you once you are boarded to best locate and move your self on board, as well as all the safety proceeder - protocols and water entry - exit. Double check you have all you need before boarding! Your Dive Guide or Instructor will brief you about the dive site once you are moored as we cannot book dive sites due other dive companies, specif needs of our daily program, experience level of our guests or weather conditions. If you have planned a double tank dive w/out return to the base in between the dives, please note your actual surface interval will be 1 hour: in that time you might want to have a snack - which we provide - and change your used cylinder with a full one. Again fully check your equipment and get it ready for the dive. You are then welcome to relax or swim nearby the boat until our crew call the next dive site briefing. If you have planned a single dive or a double tank dive w/return to the base in between the dives, read the following instructions: On the way back to the dive center before landing you will put apart your scuba unit as from our crew indications and ensecure your tank so that it won't risk to fall down. Please make sure you carry all your equipment and general belongs with you when you step back on land or ask our crew if you need any help. BELAFONTE DEPARTURE TIME (single dives, double dives, technical dives, long trips, Portofino Marine Park or Ligurian Wrecks). Please note departure time might slightly vary due to daily program and weather. From March till November 09.30 12.00 14.30 Please let us know what configuration you are willing to use and if you are taking your own tanks.
Shore Dives: filled cylinders are available 30 minutes before your reservation time on the wooden deck just beside the water lither. Please only use your named cylinders for logistical and internal organization reasons, if you have any questions you may ask our staff for help, they will be close by to assist you while you are preparing your equipment and while entering-exiting the water. Before you start your preparation we highly recommend to have a proper orientation of the dive site even though it is a really easy and safe environment where you can have training or non-guided exploration. We also provide service diving by car. Our pick up is ideal and designed for scuba diving equipment safe transportation. That give us the flexibility to have always a near by entry-exit option in case of bad weather, if number of divers do not make affordable a long transfer by boat or simply to explore areas not accessible by boat. SHORE DIVE SCHEDULE Each shore session laps around 3 hours. There are three time slots available: 10:00-13:00 13:00-16:00 (high season) You can let us know what configuration you are willing to use and if you are taking your own tanks.
After diving: Once you are back to the base and you there are no other dives in your daily schedule our crew will help you to find the appropriate water tank as you wish to rince it in fresh water. If you are joining us for further dives in the day, please keep your equipment with you or give it temporarily to our crew member until you need it for the following dive. WE CARE FOR YOUR EQUIPMENT AND HYGIENE! Please use the right water tank (you will see clear indications). For specific equipment such as heavy technical configurations, electronic devices, dpv, rebreathers, etc. ask our crew who will show you procedures and dedicated zones. CCR units will be disinfected and stored to dry in specific areas. For us really matters keep our facility tidy and clean, if you help us you will have more fun! If you are willing to dry or store your equipment at Il Grande Blu, please be aware there are specific area where you should do it. Our staff will pleasantly show you the designed areas and as you wish you can use our crate for all time you dive along with us and/or even after you left. Click on this link to know more about dive box service. Showers are at the lower floor. If you wish to relax on the deck after your dive, please enquiry to rent a sun umbrella, sun bed, or towels. It’s a lovely way to spend some time after your dive! Food & drinks are available on the top floor by the Churrascheria Il Grande Blu with a 20% off (not on alcohol) reserved to our customers.

Find out what is included or extra cost, rental equipments, discounts & student training materials!