Want to stay warm? Want to extend your scuba diving season? Dive dry! A dry suit seals you off from the water and keeps you comfortable, even in surprisingly cold water. There is incredible diving in the world’s coldest regions and in some areas, conditions are even better in colder months. Becoming a dry suit diver allows you to expand your limits and dive more places, more often.

Minimum age required 12.
You have to be Open Water Diver certified or higher.


Minimum 2 days

2 Shore dives
1 Boat dive

The first thing you will discover are the different dry suit and undergarments types and models, which ones are right for you and for the kind of diving you do. You will also learn the ordinary maintenance of your dry suit.

During the course you’ll practice:

  • Dive safety procedures when using a dry suit.
  • Donning and doffing your dry suit with no assistance.
  • Mastering buoyancy control using your dry suit.
  • Dry suit valves management
  • Problem solving

Basic scuba equipment:

  • Scuba tank
  • Buoyancy compensator (BCD)
  • Regulators
  • Dry suit & undergarment
  • Fins & mask
  • Weights
  • Compass
  • Bottom timer device + dive planning tables or dive computer

Tanks and weights are included in the price, all the rest of the equipment can be rent at the dive center with a 30% off.

NOTE: If you wish so, we can provide trilaminated or cordura dry suits during or after the course and guide you to the purchase of a dry suit for your needs.

If you are willing to improve your skills, knowledge and experience or you want to go beyond the recreational dives, take a look at our specialty courses like deep diver or our technical courses.