As a diver, eventually you will need to dive dry, whether if it is because of cold waters, buoancy ease or comfort or any other reason.

The practical training is developed in 1 confined water dive, 1 delimited open water dive and 1 boat dive.
You learn how to:
Benefits and consideration of diving with a dry suit
Different dry suits available and their best usage in different situations or environment
Configuration to be used with a dry suit and proper weighting
Donning and doffing your dry suit with minimal or no assistance
Mastering buoyancy control using a dry suit when changing depht or how to manage your body trim
Safety protocols when using a dry suit
Emergency proceders when using a dry suit.

1 Equipment workshop
1 Beach Session
1 Boat Dive

You have to be at least 12 years old and certified as an Open Water Diver or higher.

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Equipment rent is not included, as you wish we can provide trilaminated or cordura dry suits during or after the course and guide you to the purchase of a dry suit for your needs. Contact us to know more.