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Recreational Diving

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We have a large choice of equipment either for recreational either for technical diving.
You may have a look at the Rental Equipment Price List or the Customized Hoses and quick connections price list.

The water temperature differs a lot during the year in the Mediterranean Sea.
The main charteristics of this area is, a part from the averagely high salinity due to its geography, is the thermocline: this phenomenom is happening all around the year but at different dephts so by mistake many people might think it is not there in the colder season.
What actually happens is that the water "mixes up" gradually when the climate gets colder and the other way around when it get warmer.
From March to May the temperature ranges around 14 and 18 degrees (Celcius) at 18m and it does not vary significantly along the depht where we normally can dive (recreationally speaking).
From June to September the temperature ranges around 18 and 21 degree at 18m, but at the shallower dephts like from the surface to 5 meters deep it can reach the amazing temperature of 28/29 degrees! Descending gradually to 10 meters deep it would still be very warm (about 25 degrees) then have a really big difference from the 10 meters mark to 30/40 meteres.
From October till March it ranges around 19 and 15 degrees at 18m, reaching the coldest temperature of 12/13 degrees around January or February.

Some years seasons (so temperature and visibility) might switch rapidly especially from Summer to Autumn depending on storms but especially from the anti-cyclons, which stabilize the climate during Summer time, which generally come around November.
Not everything is bad about storms: after they have past, the following days and sometimes also weeks give to divers the oportunity to have the best conditions of the whole year. In fact, it is not uncommun around December - or even the beginning of January if you are lucky - to have more than 20/25 meters visibility in the Portofino Marine Park.

This area has the particularity to have its peninsula crossed by two main currents going one the opposite direction than the other; such a case heats slightly up its waters creating a better condition for the sea life where to grow.


Unfortunately it is not possible to book specific dive sites into the Marine Park, so we decide the destination right before the departure together with all the other participants on the boat.
Please note that we usually do not consider the statue of Cristo degli Abissi as a proper dive site, as there isn't much else to see but the statue. We rather go to a dive site nearby and then move for the last 5/10 minutes. However we will do our best to satisfy your request!

Technical Diving

PRO Divers


You may experience natural breathing, just like on land.
You will have nothing to bite on, feel your mouth free to communicate, drink
No fog anymore! No product treatment needed, in fact thanks to the air circulation system the fogging is impossible
You can communicate underwater!!!

Take the advantages of the Ocean Reef Integrated Mask especially designed for snorkeling!!!
Breathe through your nose while snorkeling. Good bye jaw discomfort. Good bye difficult breathing and goodbye water in your snorkel. Huge field of vision and no more fogging. 🙂
You may rent the Aria Snorkeling Mask and try yourself!

Travelling to Italy or San Diego to get trained from the factory is not always a possible option. In collaboration with some professional diving centers all over the world, OCEAN REEF established the OCEAN REEF Instructor Training Centers (ITCs).Recreational and professional divers can find well trained instructors all over the world at OCEAN REEF ITCs. These centers offer training opportunities in becoming a certified expert in the use of OCEAN REEF IDM & Communication systems.An Ocean Reef Instructor Training Center is an alternative representation for our in-house company training. All OCEAN REEF ITC’s have one or more OCEAN REEF Training Development Coordinator (TDC) as part of its staff. The TDC is trained under the supervision of the engineers and trainers of the OCEAN REEF Company in Italy or United States.The ITC is fully equipped with OCEAN REEF IDM & U/W Communication equipment. You will not only find a place where the OCEAN REEF training is offered, you will also find a high qualified dive location where the state of the art equipment of OCEAN REEF is available in order to offer a new way of teaching SCUBA today, using underwater communication as an essential tool in education.Ocean Reef Instructor Training Centers are established in:
– Italy il Grande Blu Diving Center
– Egypt Team Blue Immersion
– UK Hydro active
– BonaireDive Friends Bonaire
– MexicoPunto Sub
– SingaporeAsia Dive Academy
– Maldives WTI Maldives
– Taiwan Willy Diving center
– USA Rainbow Reef Dive CenterFor any questions regarding our ITCs, please send email to

On regular basis OCEAN REEF ITC’s are offering the OCEAN REEF Factory Sponsored Course. The Factory Sponsored Course (FSC) is a initiated and sponsored program by OCEAN REEF, inviting active SCUBA Instructors and Course Director to participate in a intensive two-day program becoming an expert in the use of OCEAN REEF equipmentThe FSC contains presentations, workshops and a lot of in-water time going trough all aspects of using OCEAN REEF IDM & Comm. systems in regular dive training. The program ends up with a practical and theoretical exam. After successful participation candidates will receive a diploma. By providing the diploma to your scuba-training agency you will become an Ocean Reef IDM & U/W Comm Instructor.The OCEAN REEF Factory Sponsored Course program recognition is now available for: PADI / SSI / NAUI / SDI-TDI / IDD-IADS / NOB / SNSI / WOSD Instructors.Check out the events calendar for more informations regarding the next FSC at your desired location.For any questions regarding the Factory Sponsored Courses programs, please send email to:

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