Il Grande Blu is open from March to November.
Specific diving destinations such as the Haven wreck are available by request. Please don’t hesitate to Contact us with your specific requirements.

If this is your first time diving with us, we would be grateful if you can complete the registration form BEFORE you arrive here. This helps with timing and efficiency on the day and speeds up the administration procedures such that we can get you in the water sooner.

Please inform us as soon as possible after you arrive at the dive centre if you have not already completed your online registration check-in form. We will need the names and level of certification of all the divers in your group in order to create the boarding list for our boat captain. This is an obligatory legal requirement in order to protect your safety and is necessary for each and every new customer.


REMEMBER: If you are certified, don’t forget proof of your level of certification (either your physical card or an e-card) I

To confirm your registration, please Contact us. You will need to provide your full name and contact details, and the full names, certification and approximate diving experience of all the members of your group. We will also need the approximate date of their last dive.

Once you have successfully completed your online registration check-in form we would be grateful if you could let us know the dates you wish to dive with us (and whether or not these are flexible), your preferences in respect of the time of the dives, (morning, afternoon etc.) and the total number of dives you and your group anticipate diving with us. Please note, the departure time may vary slightly due to our daily program and the weather on the day.

If diving equipment is required to be hired from the dive centre, knowing beforehand the number and sizes of your requirements means that everything will be here for you when you need it.

Please let us know if you are willing to use a specific configuration such as a twin-set and/or additional stage cylinders, either they are back or side mounted and in particular if you are going to bring your own tanks.

Please note that the rent of additional (stage) cylinders are not included in the price of your dives.
All our facilities, tanks (single tank or twinset (air) per dive), and weights are included in the PRICE.

Click HERE if you would like to know more about our LOGISTICS & ORGANIZATION and the dive schedule.
Click HERE to check the weather conditions LIVE AT IL GRANDE BLU.
Click HERE to see more information about accomodation of the area.
Click HERE if you would like to know more about our PRICES.

CONFIRMATION (Note: only for courses or packages with accommodation)
If you are going to attend a course or to book a package with accommodation, you need to transfer a 50% deposit to the follow bank account. Please contact us  before or after your payment.
IBAN CODE IT62K0103001403000000801474

Your safety and fun are really important to us!
In case of unexpected bad sea conditions Il Grande Blu will warn you as soon as possible or even the same day or morning before your departure to cancel the charter if it is necessary.
To make your diving experience with us the best possible, it is very helpful for us to know if your willing is to cancel your booking in case the forecasts of the sea conditions are going to be choppy.

For individuals or groups smaller than 5 pax:
• Up to 3 days in advance you can cancel 2 pax.
• Up to 48 hours in advance you can cancel 1 pax.
• Unless the sea conditions do not allow safety OR you warned us about your willing to dive only in good weather, as consequence of any cancelations done later than 48 hours prior the date of the event Il Grande Blu will require a balance of € 25 per dive you booked and will issue a voucher for that same amount, that you can use within 12 months.

Your booking confirmation via email is sufficient to apply our cancellation terms.