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Punta Della Torretta is at the edge of the Zone A, right in front of San Fruttuoso bay. Above water, an old tower rises  above you, hence the name of the dive site, ‘Tip of the Tower’.
Descending the mooring chain you reach the sea bed at a depth of 17 Mt. From this point, swimming towards the west, you reach a stunning vertical wall that drops from 22 Mt down to 38 Mt. This wall is one of the most beautiful walls in the Marine Park, it is covered with vibrant red corals and pink gorgonia ( sea fans).
Lobsters, colonies of bryonzoans (moss animals) and nudibranches are in abundance and flourish here, which contributes to making this such a unique dive.
On the return and looking out into the blue, you will see schools of barracudas and snappers as well as many big groupers.