Best Mix:

Simple and fun immersion suits all patents and photographers who love macro. Starting from the chain mooring buoy, we head to the west. Immediately to a depth of about 25 meters we find an interesting wall full of red coral where you can meet the lobsters. The wall s actually consists of two rocks that are part of a large landslide that characterizes the seabed between Punta scrubbing and Lion’s Head. This caved part from a few meters and arrives at a depth of about 35 meters. Following it to the west we can have fun with the flashlight to illuminate crevices, holes, indentations and small caves to discover the diverse world that inhabits: moray eels, forkbeards, octopus, squat, porter crabs, groupers and more. Sometimes if we remember to look in the blue, we can see the inevitable snappers also present in this dive. We go up to an altitude of about 15/10 m. to return to the east, keeping the wall of the headland to our left. Shoals of bream and salps will be a constant presence throughout the return joined numerous groupers of all sizes.