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After descending on the overhead to an altitude of ca. 20 mt we head west across a wide slope that starts at an altitude of 35 meters to get to ca. 10 mt.
The landslide is characterized by large cracks and cavities full of red coral, while on the walls in the current meet beautiful branches of red gorgonians. Dating common groupers, moray eels, snappers, croakers and conger eels. Going up to a share of 15/18, we return to the east using as reference the wall of the headland to our left. Coasting along at a prof. 15 mt meet the entry of a large cave whose entrance is partially blocked by a large boulder. The cave is characterized by a play of light reaches the surface where there is a siphon. Once out of the cave we finish the dive swimming for a few meters to the east up to meet again with the mark.