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Scoglio del Raviolo is located between Punta Carega and the Lion’s Head
This dive is characterised by caves and siphons. Descending the mooring chain, at 14m to the east, you will pass a carpet of Posidonia (Sea grass).
At 33 Mt you will reach the first siphon where you can find some musdee (Gadidae family)  and numerous shrimp. As you come out of the cave, the red corals are gorgeous!
Continuing in the same direction you will come across another cave full of red coral and forkbeards.
As you continue along the wall, you will find beautiful Gorgonian (Sea fans) and you can spot the antennae of lobsters hiding.
Finally, you will arrive at the last cave where you will begin your ascent to finish the dive. You will be surrounded by large groupers, many of which are lazing amongst the rocks. There are also snappers, waiting to launch an attack on the damselfish.