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The path followed is located in the south-west. We descend along the top of the mooring that is positioned on top of the reef at a depth of 14 meters. Once on the bottom we head towards the east along a stretch of the large hat. Already here you can meet groupers, large amounts of banded bream and snapper especially unmistakable popping up out of the blue and then disappear. The plateau of the hat quickly turns into the wall; at this point turn towards the outer part of the dry side facing the sea. The scenery is breathtaking with a large expanse of red gorgonians that sway in the current (often strong) from 25 meters to get to a depth of 55 meters and more. Should maintain a maximum altitude of 35-38 meters to not go out too quickly from the safety curve. The wall is very long and we pass it along towards the west. In addition to the sea fans (which are often attacked eggs dogfish) in the various cuts of the rock you can see big flowering branches of red coral. Towards the end of the south wall at 28 meters meet a spectacular roof rock covered with daisies and sea Madreporaria solitary, populated by some mustelle. At this point the dry does a turn of 90th and we are in the west wall. Going back, the red sea fans give way to the yellow sea fans. Along the west side, we go back to the hat that certainly deserves a more detailed visit. We go up on the overhead without abandoning it because sometimes there is current and in this case, without the aid of a rope lifts, we will easily away from the boat.