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After passing Punta Bussego towards the east, the rock wall has a crack known as the Cave of the Hermit. Despite its name, does not meet any underwater cave, but an environment characterized by boulders that provide shelter to several fish and organisms that live in the seabed. We will start the dive down along the top of the buoy to 18 meters deep finning towards the east, on a backdrop detrital interrupted by large boulders that are worth exploring. At a depth of 20 meters meet large blocks of rock drilled at several points so as to allow the passage inside. The vault is completely plastered with yellow inflorescences of Leptosammia pruvoti, colonies of Myriapora Truncata, from sponges on which it is not uncommon to see large specimens of nudibranci and some beautiful Galatea. Continue the dive finning further east and the muddy bottom mixed with sea grass you can meet specimens of Pinna nobilis quietly reaching 50-60 cm. in height. If we care to hitting them so as not to close the valve, browsing in them we will find small crabs and shrimp. We’ll go back on rocky landslide and we finish the dive in shallow water, near the grotto emerged, in the quiet little bay and protected by the passage of vessels.