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The dive starts inside the bay that is located in the bay of San Fruttuoso and which welcomes the statue of the Christ of the Abyss. This bronze statue was placed at a depth of 17 meters in 1954. The visit to this site is free and clear, but the approach can only occur with rowboats. Keeping the statue to our right, we head towards the wall. Following this, the share of about 30 meters meet a deep crack high and full of life. The wall continues and where this ends, begins an area of large boulders rich times and landscapes. We climb to altitude and begin the return. Once the rocks at about 12 m, we find an area with patches of Posidonia is above that of the wall immediately after a saddle rich in cracks. Passed this, which offers dens for moray eels and octopus, a few kicks separate us from Christ of the Abyss. The small boulders that form the base of the statue are rich in wildlife.