Best Mix:

The dive starts at the mooring inside the bay, descending the chain you reach the bottom at 22 mt. Heading east, you meet a ridge which goes towards the open sea.
At 36 Mt it opens into a cave full of vibrant, red coral.

Exiting the cave you ascend to 23 MT to the top the ridge where you enter a siphon. The top is covered with small branches of red coral. Be very careful not to bump them with your fins.
Exiting the siphon at 18 Mt, you will find groupers and snappers waiting for you.
Turning back toward the bay where you started, you follow the wall on your right and at 10 Mt, you will discover a beautiful bright yellow wall because it is covered with parazoanthus axinellae (Yellow cluster anenome) .
Keeping the wall on your right, you will reach a big rock, behind which is the entrance to an amazing cave.
The cave extends inside from 8 Mt up to the surface where its possible to take off your mask and regulator to admire the limestone concretions.   Above you,  a ray of light filters through the rocks, creating a fascinating interplay of lights.