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Suited to the more experienced, since the minimum depth at which to fully appreciate this dive is around 30 meters. Going down the buoy chain we head towards the west without pause until we find the submerged continuation of the mountain where is located the house of the mayor. We leave the wall finning to sea (south-west) until you meet, at a height of 30 m., A ciliated very large sloping towards greater depths. Here we meet the great fans of gorgonians on which you can admire many eggs dogfish. In this area to the west, the more experienced can meet about 50 meters a branch of false black coral. This is one of the few points of the promontory where this organism is present. Interestingly, back to the wall, is the canyon of white sand that divides the ciliated from the wall and that is located at an altitude of about 30 meters. We will end the dive on the wall below the house of the mayor.