OCEAN REEF FSC November 2017

The Instructor Training Center corresponds to the highest level of training available to learn about OCEANREEF masks and communicators; the ITC location of Italy is Il Grande Blu a Santa Margherita Ligure. Each ITC in the world has an affiliate trainer and in this case will be Luca Zanzotto.
The ITC through a FSC are authorized to certify new instructors or instructor trainers of all educational agencies that can recognize the full face specialties and/or underwater communications or their mere use in their training programs.
At the end of the course you will receive a valid diploma to get the credentials of Specialty instructor of your own agency and an “online instructor package”, you need to be able to teach your own students.
If you possessed the title of instructor trainer, the diploma will allow you to train at your time FULL FACE & UNDERWATER COMMUNICATIONS instructors.

Training Days: November 16-17 2017
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